Puzzle Room: The Collector

By | August 7, 2020

by Puzzle Room (website)

Rua Visconde de Nacar 743, Curitiba-Centro, 80410-200

Up to 8 players

£31.00 R$225.00

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Lindomar dos Anjos is a well-known serial killer who terrifies the region of Curitiba. His hiding place has not yet been discovered by the authorities and he remains free to practice his bizarre crimes in rituals involving dolls and human beings.
Someone was just captured and was left alone in Lindomar's hideout. The victim managed to connect to you. Now, you have exactly 60 minutes to help him escape before Lindomar returns and finish what he started ...
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We were contacted by a hostage who's been kidnapped by Lindomar dos Anjos,  a notorious serial killer in the Curitiba region. He's known for involving creepy dolls with human sacrifices and bizarre rituals. We have 60 minutes to help the victim to break free before Lindomar returns and finishes what he had started ... 

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