The Chamber: Wonderland

By | August 11, 2020

by The Chamber (website)

Staropramenná 12


2-6 players

60 minutes

The legend says that next to our world, another one exists – Wonderland. It is constantly being built by fantasy of all the human and even animal creatures. Just think of a story and it instantly becomes reality in Wonderland.
There is a very few places in the world through which it is possible to step into Wonderland. We have been lucky enough to discover one of those here, in central part of Prague called “Andel” (“Angel in english). Story goes that reason our ancestors gave it this name was people have been seeing unearthly, but good and friendly creatures around here since history remembers.
We, at The Chamber, were also lucky to meet one of those creatures. Based on our short interaction, we got a suspicion that there might be something wrong with Wonderland and it needs help. Although we think we know how to use the portal to get there, we are not brave enough to step in ourselves.
Would you be brave enough to enter the Wonderland and save it from the imminent danger?
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The visit to The Chamber in Prague was the first time for some of us, and we really enjoyed it. For me it was a surprise to play such a perfect Wonderland room. The story fits like a glove, the gamemaster did a good job and introduced us very well into the imaginative world.

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