Maximum Escape Barcelona: Overlook Hotel

By | August 11, 2020

by Maximum Escape Barcelona (website)


3-5 players

75 mins
One day in the newspaper you read a job offer:
"We are looking for a team of caretakers for the Overlook Hotel this winter season. We offer a competitive salary and a full accommodation. All applicants should be sound of mind and be aware of the mental strain of long-term isolation."
You and your team accept the job, driving up to the Overlook Hotel to take care of it. It seems an easy enough job and it is very well paid. You’re also all excited to have complete access to a whole hotel for several months, with nobody to supervise you or tell you what to do. It should be the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind from society. You‘re even glad to see your phone’s data roaming doesn’t work up in the mountains.
And yet, as soon as you step through the grand entrance of the Overlook Hotel, you feel uneasy, like you’re being watched. The owners of the hotel seem nice enough, but they are in a hurry to leave you the keys and explain all the necessary procedures as quickly as possible. It seems as though they are hiding something from you, and their eyes keep darting away from yours whenever you ask about the history of the hotel.
As soon as the doors close and you are left alone in the vast, labyrinthine corridors, you wonder if maybe you should have done more research as to what happened in the Overlook Hotel…
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Maximum Escape – together with Unreal one of the two big players – has a opened a third location in Barcelona! This is simply called Maximum Escape 3 and is very close to Maximum Escape 2. Various activities are offered here.

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