ParaPark Fürth: Apartment 113

ParaPark Fürth: Apartment 113

By | August 11, 2020

by ParaPark Fürth (website)

Gartenstr. 7, Keller, 90762


2-6 players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

He had been working on his new book for months. It was to be his last masterpiece. But the psychological thriller he was working on was never published, because the writer suddenly disappeared without a trace. You want to find the manuscript and enter the writer's seemingly abandoned house to search for it. But then you realize that you are no longer just looking for the book. Is truth and fiction suddenly blurring here? You are suddenly in the middle of the story of the book and are the main characters in a macabre game for life and death. A nightmare of confused thoughts, seemingly intractable tasks and sick fantasies of an insane genius awaits you. See this game and survive the next 60 minutes, otherwise... Well, his books have never had a happy ending.

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Unser letzter Raum bei ParaPark war Apartment Nr. 113, den wir extra als letztes bei ParaPark gespielt haben, damit es Heiners 400. Raum war. Dieser Raum ist eine Nachbildung des allerersten Escape Rooms in Europa und überzeugt mit tollem Ambiente und ausgeklügelten Rätseln.

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