EscapeWorld Stuttgart: The Artifact

EscapeWorld Stuttgart: Das Artefakt

By | August 11, 2020

by EscapeWorld Stuttgart (website)

Stuttgarter Str. 106, Fellbach, 70736


2-6 players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

In a few days a top-secret auction will take place, where many rare, magical and extremely valuable artifacts will be auctioned off. But we are only interested in one of them: The magic lamp. It fulfills every wish of its owner. It once was Aladdin' s. We will be the new owners!
But first we have to get the magic lamp into our hands. It is priceless valuable. A team of master thieves must break into the Antiquarian Store, which has been converted into a high security warehouse, find the lamp and steal it. I was able to bribe one of the security guards in advance. This means that you have 60 minutes until the next guard arrives. You simply need to bypass or deactivate all protection mechanisms. That can't be that difficult, can it?
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Das Artefakt, hΓΆrt sich vielversprechend an, ist er aber auch. Wir haben einen Sicherheitsmitarbeiter bestochen und uns Zeit erkauft damit wir bis zum Schichtwechsel unsere heiß ersehnte Γ–llampe klauen konnten.

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