Escape Down Under: Shelter From The Storm

By | August 22, 2020

by Escape Down Under (website)

1100 N Chicago Ave., Indiana 46528

Up to 4 players

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๐ŸŽงactor / audio
You and your family have hunkered down in an underground bunker for the last 6 months because you believe that at any minute, a mega storm like weโ€™ve never seen could materialize and wipe us all out.
Youโ€™ve been living 24 hours a day in a space that is just like home, with electricity, cable and internet, private bedrooms, working bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, living area and recreation room (though strangely, one of the bedrooms has always been locked and no one knows whatโ€™s in there).
โ€‹Despite the limited number of people in your group, something has been happening to your carefully rationed resources. And someone has been moving things around and messing with stuff at night. Itโ€™s probably not a ghost this far underground, so who could it be?
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