Escape Game Adventure: Trapped in Space

By | August 31, 2020

by Escape Game Adventure (website)

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Your mission: rescue the crew members, drive them safely back to their planet, then escape before the time-travel portal closes forever! With the help of Dooz, your faithful robot, you have been teleported to the year 3144. A team of astronauts in exploration no longer responds, and we suspect an attack from the inhabitants of the star, Hyena . . . In a few moments, it will be too late! Choose to solve this challenge on your own or with a friend! Either way, let’s go!
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Trapped in Space was a sloppy product that had lots of potential. The Escape Game Adventure series originates in France, and the English version is a translation. Over the past few installments, there have been minor issues such as typos or odd phrasing, but it hasn’t presented any meaningful issues.

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