Caravan of Wonders: Hackcess

By | August 31, 2020

by Caravan of Wonders (website)

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120 mins
A hacker has found you and needs your help. It could mean loads of cash for you both.
Can you hack it?
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If you enjoy searching for evidence and following trails, you'll like the concept of this game. It'll take you on a "journey" from finding a location, looking for hidden passwords, searching for clues in personal information and finally getting to that final "jackpot". We had an issue with an audio puzzle as we couldn't hear well on some of the digits that were read outload as each of our teammates had a different interpretation. The final puzzle was probably our favorite since we felt that urgency that a hacker would feel with the count down clock (although everyone will eventually finish the game even if the clock runs out and we appreciated that feature from the game creator).

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