Can You Escape Hull: Operation Odyssey

By | October 31, 2020

by Can You Escape Hull (website)

10 Parliament Street, HU1 2AP

Kingston upon Hull

2-6 players

60 minutes

The International Space Station has been hit by a devastating meteor impact, knocking out many of the vital systems on board. Does your team have what it takes to repair the escape pod in time to save the crew - and yourselves?
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Operation Odyssey is one of two games at Can You Escape, and got off to a good start when the operator gave the surprisingly detailed initial briefing in character. The level of costume was simple but the effort adds to the game. The briefing included considerably more instructions and overview of the mission structure than normal, and arguably that shouldn't be necessary - a good game should allow players to discover the structure as they play. But here it seemed to me that it fit the story and...
A review of Can You Escape? Edinburgh's Operation Odyssey room, a game that was amazingly well designed with clear progress, parallel, logical puzzles, a pretty set and a fun ending.
An immersive and extremely fun game with a good variety of puzzles, broken neatly into different tasks that can be worked on simultaneously.
You know that feeling when you're hurtling through space in a malfunctioning escape pod, you have to repair it before the meteor shower hits, and you can't stop humming David Bowie's Space Oddity? We're lost in space, in Edinburgh.

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