Daydream Adventures: A Witchy Christmas

By | December 22, 2020

by Daydream Adventures (website)

1803 Danforth Ave, ON M4C 1J2

Up to 8 players

Team of 2: Β£73.00 CA$124.30
Team of 4: Β£73.00 CA$124.30
Team of 6: Β£93.00 CA$158.20

Languages: EN

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90 mins

Like many of us this Christmas, Hilda is in her cabin all alone. It has been so long since she has seen a human in her forest, that she decided to visit the human realm to see what they were up to. She saw that everyone was wearing strange masks, but even stranger was that their towns were decorated with lights and garland. 

She heard whispers of something called β€œChristmas” and wished to know more, so she took a few things from the human realm and brought them back to her cabin to learn more about this Christmas. 

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On one hand, the game was just has funny, the gameplay just as well made, and the setting just as gorgeous as during our first game session. And yet... I found I wasn't as much into it.

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