AIM Escape: Psychopath’s Den

By | December 29, 2020

by AIM Escape (website)

Goodman`s Fields, 8 Canter Way, E1 8PS

1-8 players

Team of 2: £80.00
Team of 4: £80.00
Team of 6: £120.00

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You know the instant the door slams shut behind you – bad things happen here. Evil is Omnipresent. Heart-thumping terror builds relentlessly as each nerve-shredding minute creeps past. Can you escape a dreadful fate or will you become another blood-stained or blood-drained statistic? Amid the gore-caked instruments of torture, hemmed in by the blood-spattered walls you must keep your wits as sharp as his scalpels to avoid his clutches – he is very close, somewhere in the shadows. Only by solving his crazed, fiendish puzzles can you, quite literally, save your skin. Complete with a real crematorium and gallons of O-neg this is the ideal escape experience for lovers of horror and adrenaline-fuelled frights.
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Having got out of Patient Zero in good time, we had exactly an hour plus walking time to get to our next booked game... so squeezing in another one at AIM was inevitable. Psychopath's Den is of course a serial killer game, one of surprisingly few in London, though their take on it is quite friendly to nervous players: no restraints and no jump scares involved.
Most serial killer games start with the premise that your tormentor has conveniently popped out for about an hour, giving you the chance...
A room with real potential, but with too many rough edges. Issues with audio and lighting greatly affected our enjoyment and the finale lost some of its potential impact. A solid set of challenges, including some real crowd-pleasers, at the core of the game suggest that it could definitely do well with the right tweaking.
Good set design and a mix of puzzles that has plenty to keep you going. We felt let down by our GM but if your GM is on the ball then you’re sure to enjoy your time in ‘the den’
Aim Escape are new to London and promise the most high tech and immersive escape rooms ever. But will they live up to the hype?
It takes a lot for me to declare a game unfair, and I’m not going to start a habit here. Unfun, however, is one label I’m prepared to dish out when it’s deserved – and Psychopath’s Lair is definitely that. What a mess.

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