Immersia: The Piccadilly Cabaret

By | January 4, 2021

by Immersia (website)

3065 Rue Peugeot, Laval, QC H7L 5C4

Team of 2: £68.00 CA$114.93
Team of 4: £68.00 CA$114.93
Team of 6: £101.00 CA$172.40

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Dans le cabaret Piccadilly de Londres en 1930 vous tentez d’accéder à la loge de la défunte cantatrice Emma Albani. Selon la légende, les admirateurs qui y ont mis le pied n'en sont jamais ressortis vivants…
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To the extent that the still very young genre of avatar escape rooms has settled on a ‘standard, recommended’ approach, Immersia are following that approach closely: Zoom for the video call, an initial orientation to make sure players know what they’re doing, a pre-recorded video intro, and then a lightly in-character avatar plus a Telescape inventory used only for items that players need a close look at. Plenty of games take a different approach and are all the better for it; but this combinati...

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