Enchambered: The Skull Witch

By | January 22, 2021

by Enchambered (website)


Up to 6 players

60 minutes

The legend of the Skull Witch has been told throughout the area in whispers and rumor. The story tells of a witch that slumbers deep in the darkness of the swamp. She awakens every year around Mardi Gras to lure bewildered party goers into the murky darkness to never be heard from again. Your group has tracked down some of your missing friends to a small cabin deep in the swamp. As you enter, the door slams behind you and you are trapped!
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Few games open as strongly as The Legend of the Skull Witch. Enchambered’s cabin of magic and evil was fueled with strong puzzles and just enough frights to make it intense and exciting without feeling terrifying.
How many times have I told Allen that his partying was going to get us all in trouble?! Now we are stuck in this swamp…..hey guys, why are there lights in that tree??

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