eScape-room.UK: The Clocksmith’s Apprentice

By | February 15, 2021

by eScape-room.UK (website)


You need to earn the right to become apprenticed to a Master Clocksmith.

The Master Clocksmith has created a challenge for prospective apprentices to test their suitability for an apprenticeship.

If you can open all the locks you will become an apprentice to the Master Clocksmith.

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We're becoming fans of eScape-room.UK's digital games now. The creator is great at making changes according to our feedback and we are seeing them being implemented immediately into his games. His games always remind us of in-person escape rooms and we love that there's always so many different areas to explore in a single game. The graphics are done really well along with the variations in puzzles. The physical puzzle boxes are a lot of fun too. We look forward to playing more games from them very soon!

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