Webscapade: Season 0: Welcome to Argenia!

By | June 14, 2021

by Webscapade (website)

2-5 players

£18.00 $25.00

Languages: EN

90-120 mins
You receive a strange letter from your Uncle Rory asking for your help. But what starts out as a simple task for a quick payday suddenly turns into a mission filled with danger and intrigue. Can you foil the plot and save the day before it’s too late? Will you be the hero that Argenia longs for? Can this be yet another rhetorical question?
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The storyline was really well written. It had us hooked right from the beginning. We're wondering what would happen next throughout the game. It was like watching a drama unfold right in front of our eyes. The creator dropped just enough of breadcrumbs for us to follow in order to search for the truth. The game had a perfect balance between narrative and puzzles. The graphics to the clues and websites felt so real that sometimes we had to double check to make sure we're not booking a real room on a hotel website. Our favorite part was definitely the ending. It was so unexpected yet bought so much joy to the team. All I have to say is we all got to show off some dance moves. If you're wondering how that happened then you will probably need to play the game to find out!

It all started with an email that probably should have gone into my spam folder- I’m kidding! Unless…

“I’m your Uncle Rory, son of your grandma’s cousin… I met an Argenian prince-“

If it weren’t part of a digital escape room experience, I definitely wouldn’t have believed it.

We really enjoyed playing Welcome to Argenia. It was funny, had some very interesting puzzle types that I’d never seen before, and had a sense of being a fully-realised world, even in a fairly small geographical area.

As this is part of an ongoing series set in the same place, I’m very much looking forward to more adventures in Argenia. After how episode 0 ended, I wonder how high the stakes are going to get!

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