EscapeGame Kufstein: Magic Lamp

EscapeGame Kufstein: Die Wunderlampe

By | June 22, 2021

by EscapeGame Kufstein (website)

Unterer Stadtpl. 11, 6330 Kufstein


2-6 players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

In search of wealth and goods, you, a gang of thieves and swindlers, end up in the city of Agrabah. As soon as you cross the city borders, you are amazed that there is not much to be seen of the sultan’s alleged wealth.

Only the magnificent palace of the Sultan rises above the misery and appears in the light of the setting sun as if it were covered with pure gold. Rumor has it that no one can explain how the Sultan came to such wealth, and the secret of his wealth is always a topic of conversation in Agrabah. Under the pretext of tailoring the most expensive and splendid clothes in the Orient, you are asked to wait in the Sultan’s chambers until he is ready to have his measurements taken.

So there is not much time to search the room for valuable goods and to discover the secret of wealth.

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We are the most sought after tailors this side of the orient, so naturally we’d attract the attention of the Sultan. That was our plan, after all. Let’s hope we can get away with this sewing facade long enough to find his wealth and steal it.

The palace is opulent and decadent, as one would expect. The Sultan is flaunting his wealth, basically asking us to deprive him of it. It felt a bit more like the grand tent of a travelling caravan than a standing building. Perhaps a reasonable compromise, otherwise the endless decoration of the prime estate would make it impossible to determine what applies to the game.

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