RoomEscape Wilder Kaiser: Prison

RoomEscape Wilder Kaiser: GefΓ€ngnis

By | June 24, 2021

by RoomEscape Wilder Kaiser (website)

Dorf 44, 6352 Ellmau


2-5 players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

Welcome to the notorious prison of Wilder Kaiser, famous for it's a great views. Sentenced for life for the terrible crime of sleeping in on a perfect ski day. Your only chance to make the lifts tomorrow is to break free..
Use the items and tools hidden by past inmates, solve the puzzles, get the keys and codes to escape in time. This can not be done alone. Trust your skills and those of your team mates and maybe you'll breakout before the guard returns.
Remember, the hardest prison to escape is your mind.
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The opening sequence of Prison has a striking similarity to that of another game I've played elsewhere, despite no official connection between the companies that I'm aware of. Fox in a Box have certainly had this game open longer than the other venue, so that's either a case of coincidentally similar design or of the other company being 'inspired' by this one. There are some significant differences too, and the other parts of the games are quite different, so I'm assuming the former.
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