PerplexxX Innsbruck: The Mine

PerplexxX Innsbruck: Das Bergwerk

By | June 24, 2021

by PerplexxX Innsbruck (website)

Bettelwurfstraße 2


2-5 players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

Wheelchair suitable - contact the venue for details

At your last visit to the local flea market in Innsbruck Hafen you happened upon a beautiful old vase, and had to purchase it. Once home, you slowly unwrapped it from the newspaper , to have it slip from your hands and fall to the floor. To your dismay, the vase broke into many small pieces. As you look down across the broken shards, you notice a piece of folded paper. You slowly unfold the old creases, you discover an old map of Innsbrucks surroundings. Marked clearly on the map is the entrance to an old mine, accompanied by a handwritten note: “Here lies the treasure buried”

You decide immediately that you must discover the treasure. You share news of your surprising find with a close friend, who immediately goes in search of the mine entrance.Your friend successfully enters the mine, and has a quick look around, whilst waiting for your arrival. During his brief search, he was unsuccessful in finding any treasure…

Now it’s your turn. Your friend argrees to wait at the front of the entrance to warn you should anyone approach. At the front  of the entrance is a weathered, slightly concealed sign with the inscription:


An extremely risky adventure!

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