Exit The Room Graz: Zombie

Exit The Room Graz: Zombie

By | June 25, 2021

by Exit The Room Graz (website)

GrabenstraรŸe 28, 8010 Graz


2-6 players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

An experiment in our lab went wrong and our professor accidentally created the infamous virus that switches people's mind off and turns them into "zombies". Because this is a powerful virus, it was kept secret in order to prevent attacks on the lab and keep the public safe. However, now our professor got infected by the virus and the disease is spreading rapidly. The last hopes are with you and your team. Can you find the hidden recipe for the remedy before we all are doomed?
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Exit The Room were kind enough to let us play this game 90 mins earlier than we'd booked in for - we didn't tell them that we wanted to change the time so that we could go try one of their competitor's rooms too.
Despite the name, there are no zombies to jump out at the players here. It's a post-apocalyptic scenario where you need to complete the cure for a zombie virus and thereby save humanity, or whatever's left of it. So it's more or less a laboratory theme, though in a very industrial styl...
Five rooms located a little outside the centre of Vienna. Nothing is going to blow you away at the venue but thereโ€™s enough to keep you occupied and a couple of the games had moments that were reasonably memorable and little that would cause frustration. The sort of escape room that probably wonโ€™t attract escape tourists who want to play five or ten games in the city but should be on the list of any enthusiasts who live in the city.
With a few tweaks to up the immersion factor, Zombie Apocalypse could be a fun way to spend an hour online, but with a price tag of ยฃ109, the game really should have been something spectacular. Unfortunately, itโ€™s just not there yet, and despite the efforts of our lovely avatar, our experience just fell a bit flat

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