Don’t Eat Puzzles: The Antikythera Tablets

By | June 28, 2021

by Don't Eat Puzzles (website)


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Discovered off the coast of Antikythera in 1901, The Antikythera mechanism, is an ancient hand-powered computer,
but also retrieved at the same time was a second mysterious box.
The Antikythera Tablets describe how such a mechanism came into being in a time of Myths and Legends.

Now you can own a recreation of the tablets to see if you can fathom the secrets contained within. The box forms an integral part of the puzzle with the first puzzle needing to be solved to even open the box. Inside are five wooden tablets giving story and clues towards the mechanism origins, once solved all the tablets combine to produce a single, definitive answer revealing a hitherto unknown piece of information for a Greek astrologer.

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We haven't played anything like to The Antikythera Tablets before. It really feels like those fancy puzzle boxes that we would see on a Chris Ramsey video. What I really love about this game is not just the clever puzzle mechanics but also the way the creator was able to use it to tell a story. As you maneuver a cog left and right or trace a path with a twine, you're also picturing a Greek mythology appear right in front of your eyes. By completing each task, you're one step closer to the truth. YOU are the TRUE hero in this game!

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