Agent November Brighton: Robyn Yew – Project Pandora

By | July 30, 2021

by Agent November Brighton (website)


3-8 players

Languages: EN

60 minutes

We have received intel Marty Orri has a masterplan called 'Project Pandora'.
Robyn Yew has stolen precious artefacts from the Museum of Secrets.
We need to retrieve the stolen items for a high profile client.
Investigate the area and find the crucial evidence.
Can you save us from an international crisis?
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In a complete break with all precedent, I tried an outdoor escape game on a sunny summer's day instead of in freezing rain - astonishingly it turns out that that's a better way to play! This was the first of three games for Agent November's big 2018 relaunch, which released revamped versions for all three of their main games; Robyn Yew is the replacement for the game previously called Rainbow Syndicate. I never played the previous version, but I believe the update keeps the style of the game the...
Agent November has provided a real life mission that contains puns, excitement and immersion in the wide open world of London. Whilst the rest of London gets on with its day, you are amongst the mist of it, decoding puzzles and stopping Robyn Yew whilst nobody else has any idea what is going on.

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