eScape-room.UK: Space Freighter Heimdall

By | September 4, 2021

by eScape-room.UK (website)


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Contact with Space Freighter Heimdall has been lost for months. Solar Flare activity has been detected in the sector where the Heimdall was last located.

You are part of a mission hoping to locate and rescue any surviving crew.

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Accessing the Space Freighter Heimdall is not a small task and you should make sure that you have enough energy and time to put into it. Do not be afraid to take one (or many) hints. They are cryptic enough to give you a challenge anyways.

I really like that you can pause the game at any time and continue at your own pace. I got the experience of both playing with a group as well as on my own and there were positives to both. There were some puzzles and clues that Iā€™m unlikely to have figured out on my own, but I also found it easier at times to be able to investigate the ship at my own speed. And the pride that comes with solving a puzzle completely on your own is hard to beat!

One of my favourite parts about this game is the outro. After 3 hours in when all the puzzles are solved and tasks are done, I was reminded about the storyline and why I was onboard the ship. I think this is the first time that a point-n-click game has given me goosebumps. Good goosebumps...

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