Project Escape Middlesbrough: Spaceship Rogue

By | September 26, 2021

by Project Escape Middlesbrough (website)

Languages: EN


Welcome Astronauts. Sorry for waking you from hyper sleep. You are aboard the Spaceship Lollipop travelling from the a star in Sunflower Galaxy back to earth with a payload that will reignite the Earth’s core. While upgrading the ships systems, Malcorp’s Artificial Intelligence Super Integrated Engine or M.A.I.S.I.E. for short, there was a massive power surge caused by a solar flare. M.A.I.S.I.E. has now malfunctioned and gone rouge, locking us out of every door. We need to break the codes for the manual override and get to M.A.I.S.I.E. and shut it down. You have 1 hour before we go completely off course and enter the path of an on coming meteor shower. Can you save the crew, the ship and the Earth before it’s too late?

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