Trap Milano: Maya Temple

Trap Milano: Il Tempio Maya

By | January 5, 2022

by Trap Milano (website)

Via Adeodato Ressi, 23, 20125 Milano MI


3-6 players

Languages: EN, IT

60 minutes

Nobody had ever put together an expedition like this. All memebers are archaeologists of international level.

As soon as you received the proposal, you noticed that was kind of a β€œspecial” assignment, but you did not thought about finding yourself, at your age in the role of … a thief!

In the middle of the Guatemala forest seems they have found a Mayan temple – still unexplored and they hired you to find the way to the entrance.

Those who hired you have been careful not to notify the local authorities and think that there is something special and extremely precious inside the temple.

According to how much they pay you for this mission, it really seems to be so.

Time is a determining factor, if someone has noticed strange movements from the site you may soon have company and well, is better not to be found there.
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