Trapped: Pirates

By | May 26, 2022

by Trapped (website)

Kazimierza Wielkiego 67, 50-077 Wrocław


2-4 players

Languages: EN, PL

60 minutes

Your vacation in the tropics went according to plan, beautiful weather and cloudless skies accompanied you all the time. Today you decided to change your plans a bit - you rented a small wooden boat and sailed to the open sea without looking back. Unfortunately, that was your biggest mistake. In a split second, when you were far from the shore, the weather changed drastically and the sky was covered with dark clouds. Suddenly, in the distance, a mighty ship with a flag appeared, which gives every sailor the chills ... Pirates! There was no turning back, giant waves inexorably prevented my escape. In the distance you could hear shots and screams, and with every second the ship was closer to you ... It's over, a gust of wind turned your boat over and in the blink of an eye you are all neck-deep in the water. After a while you wake up on dry deck, saved. Unfortunately, the real fight for survival begins now - you have been kidnapped by pirates and imprisoned in a cabin below deck. The captain has given you a choice whether you will be able to fulfill his condition in order to regain your freedom?
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