EtR Players Choice 2024 Award Winners

By | March 30, 2024

With many thanks to everyone who took part in the voting in January and February, it’s time to announce the winners of the regional awards! πŸ₯

In many categories it was very close, with voters being closely split between several much-loved and highly deserving nominees. But with no more preamble, here are the games that came top.

Best Game in East Midlands

The nominees were:

  • Curio by Escapologic
  • Daylight Robbery by Cryptology Nottingham
  • FEAR by Project Mayhem
  • Monuments by Cave Escape
  • Return to Wonderland by Rush Hour Escape Rooms

And the winner is… Daylight Robbery! πŸ†

Best Game in East of England

The nominees were:

  • Castaway by EO Escape Rooms
  • Pathogen by Doomsday Games
  • Scarlet by EO Escape Rooms
  • Scary Tale by EO Escape Rooms
  • The Karma Club by EO Escape Rooms

And the winner is… Scary Tale! πŸ†

Best Game in Greater London

The nominees were:

  • cQ ORIGENES by clueQuest
  • Roll Out The Barrel by Escape Plan Ltd
  • Secret Studio by Escape In Time
  • The Battle For Britain by Escape Plan Ltd
  • The Watcher by Xscream Escapes

And the winner is… cQ ORIGENES! πŸ†

Best Game in North East England

The nominees were:

  • ElectriCity by The Escape Key
  • Fiorella’s Cave by EXIT Newcastle
  • Lily of Lumley by Escape Rooms Durham
  • The Heist by EXIT Newcastle
  • Witch by The Escape Key

And the winner is… Fiorella’s Cave! πŸ†

Best Game in North West England

The nominees were:

  • Henry Fortune’s House of Illusion by Escape Quest
  • Mr Copplestone’s Curiosity Shoppe by Escape Quest
  • Percy Pendleton’s Peculiar Predicament by Escape Quest
  • UI-55 by Compendium Escape Rooms
  • Viking by Extremescape

And the winner is… Percy Pendleton’s Peculiar Predicament! πŸ†

Best Game in Northern Ireland

The nominees were:

  • Dream House by Forbidden Quest
  • Spellbound – A Wizard’s Trial by Timescape
  • The Magic Emporium by Escapade HQ
  • Titanic – The Final Hour by Timescape
  • Zombie Outbreak – Sector 17 by Forbidden Quest

And the winner is… Dream House! πŸ†

Best Game in Scotland

The nominees were:

  • The Murder of Max Sinclair by Case Closed
  • The Anatomist by Escape The Past
  • The Cutting Room by Locked In Edinburgh
  • The Secret Lab by Locked In Edinburgh
  • Bloodline by Locked In Glasgow

And the winner is… The Murder of Max Sinclair! πŸ†

Best Game in South East England

The nominees were:

  • Atlantis by The Escapement
  • Loot The Lanes by Pier Pressure
  • Temple Quest by Clue Cracker
  • Trapped For Cash by Mindworks Escape Rooms
  • Wunderwaffe Operation Quartz by The Escapement

And the winner is… Loot The Lanes! πŸ†

Best Game in South West England

The nominees were:

  • Dino Deadlock by M4 Escapes
  • Eternal Life by Tempo
  • M.A.R.V.O. Induction by Marvo Mysteries
  • The Escape Room Cottage
  • The Vault by Excape

And the winner is… Dino Deadlock! πŸ†

Best Game in Wales

The nominees were:

  • Banged Up by Exit60
  • Escape From The Cursed Galleon by Roomination
  • Redbeard’s Revenge by Exit60
  • Shaken Not Purred by Beyond Breakout
  • Strangest Things Experience by Rhondda Escape Rooms

And the winner is… Redbeard’s Revenge! πŸ†

Best Game in West Midlands

The nominees were:

  • No Place Like Gnome by Top Escape Rooms
  • Oz by XscapeNow
  • Runaway Train by XscapeNow
  • Step Into Wonderland by XscapeNow
  • The Legend of Miyalock by ClueHQ Birmingham

And the winner is… The Legend of Miyalock! πŸ†

Best Game in Yorkshire and the Humber

The nominees were:

  • Area 51Β½ by The Escaporium
  • Outatime by Escapable
  • SΓ©ance by Enigma Rooms Wakefield
  • The Goblins of Toadsmead by Beverley Breakout
  • The Great Loudini by Escapable

And the winner is… The Great Loudini!πŸ†

So a huge congrats to Cryptology Nottingham, EO Escape Rooms, clueQuest, EXIT Newcastle, Escape Quest, Forbidden Quest, Case Closed, Pier Pressure, M4 Escapes, Exit60, ClueHQ Birmingham and Escapable; but also to all the other companies whose games were remarkable enough to feature here.

The results above don’t include the results for the national-wide Lock & Key awards which you may remember voting on at the same time – you can see the winners of those here!