Escape Hunt Liverpool

By | March 20, 2019


Escape Hunt have branches in 11 locations. They offer 20 games, 6 of which are available at Liverpool.

Games in Liverpool by Escape Hunt Liverpool

Atlantic Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4AE
Rated between  and  out of 5 Operation Mindfall120 minsdifferent
Rated between 30 and 30 out of 5 Magic Portal120 minsdifferent

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Escapetopus experienced reviewed Escape The Wild West by Escape Hunt Liverpool:

Played with a group of 6, including two newbies. This room works well with a larger group as there’s plenty to do in parallel, and a wide variety of puzzle types so there’s something for everyone. The themeing is nice - although I’ve seen games with better theme/puzzle integration, the set here was attractive,

One gripe: while our GM was good (and in-character) throughout, he disappeared at the last moment, leaving us stranded for an anticlimactic couple of minutes until a completely different GM showed up to take us back to reception.

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