The Real Escape: Dr Ryddle’s Memories

By | March 20, 2019

by The Real Escape (website)

257-259 Commercial Road, PO1 4BP


2-6 players

60 minutes

Wheelchair suitable - contact the venue for details
Enter The Mind of Dr. Ryddle and Find Your Way Out with Answers, All Within An Hour!
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In Dr. Ryddle's Memories, you're exploring the mind of a scientist to retrieve the secret to his machine - and naturally, his mind is full of riddles and puzzles that you'll need to solve first.
Everything is contained in a single room, with decorations that are colourfully surreal and quite pretty. It's a very linear game, though that's not obvious to start with: there's a profusion of different interesting props and clues and it took us a few minutes of checking through everything before we f...
Reviews of the three games at A Real Escape in Portsmouth. Solid but not exciting fare - enjoyable if you're in the area but not games that I'd make a significant detour for.

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