Other World Escapes Southampton: Vermilion

By | March 20, 2019

by Other World Escapes Southampton (website)

22 East St, SO14 3HG


2-6 players

60 minutes

2 copies

Teleport yourself back to an exquisite steampunk 1930's cigar lounge. Crack the Vermilion code before the code cracks you. You thought the Syndicate wouldn't follow you here? A mystery-based escape room with surprises galore, an aroma of cognac and leather, and one of the most loved hint personalities in any escape game. Vermilion can be played as a Vs game with two teams or as a single game.
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The second game from Other World is Vermilion, and has clearly been designed as a race game: there are two side by side copies, placed so that two teams can be briefed together then start at the same time. We played as just one team, with an unrelated group in the other copy of the room, and although we weren't officially competing we had the same simultaneous start. However, thereafter there was no interaction; where some games designed for side-by-side play include mechanisms to check which t...
Reviews of Pub and Vermillion. The former was an unusual theme with some good puzzles and cool reveals but some rough edges in a few of the puzzles. The latter while receiving good reviews from enthusiasts, didn't work well for us although, at least in part, that was related to tech failure and misfortune in our order of solving the puzzles.

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