ClueCapers Limited: Rescue from Winchokey

By | March 20, 2019

by ClueCapers Limited (website)

Upper Floors, 1 The Broadway, SO23 9BE


2-6 players

75 mins
Our brilliant Professor Buff needs your help again, but this time it’s not entirely his fault. A power cut at our end caused one of the portals to fail with him trapped on the other side. We’ve managed to get it working again but, unfortunately, we’ve not been able to find our dear professor.
What we know so far is that through the portal is a new world. When Buff went through, he ended up trapped inside what we think is a prison, which is making things rather more complicated. Are you brave enough to enter this world and find a way to bring him back?
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Winchokey is ClueCapers' second escape room, and has a prison escape theme - hence the 'chokey' in the name. The venue frames its games as excursions through a portal into a parallel universe, and here your task is to rescue a fellow portal traveller who's found himself locked up. That means the aim is not just to escape but also to rescue the right person - without much prior information about your target, you must make sure you don't accidentally bring back a dangerous inmate instead.
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A delightfully quirky experience that takes the Prison Break theme and turns it on its head. Aside from one or two weak puzzles there were strong solutions throughout with an emphasis on originality. I suspect experienced players are likely to particularly enjoy this unusual game.
Sometimes you just butt heads with a game. Winchokey was one of those times. I’m always wary of calling a game ‘too difficult’ as so many things can factor in to this: you could be having a bad day, you could be tired, your brains could just be too different from those of the designer. But this is probably as fair a circumstance as I could find: we were playing Winchokey shortly after, with a break to stretch our legs, playing the other game at this venue: the terrific Winchintzy. We loved that game, so expectations were high for this, but we just couldn’t get into it.

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