Hell In A Cell: Hell In A Cell

By | March 20, 2019

by Hell In A Cell (website)

The Old Crown Courts, Silver Street, BS1 2AG


4-10 players

60 minutes

Kidnapped and taken prisoner by a sadistic serial killer, you’ll need to work together under pressure to figure out how to free yourselves and escape. You and your team will be locked underground in a 19th century prison cell in the dark, eerie depths of Bristol’s Old Crown Courts. Prepare yourself, both mentally and physically, for a truly horrifying escape from reality.
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Hell in a Cell is a room for a large team, and makes heavy use of darkness and atmospherics. The puzzles would be mostly pretty easy in a brightly lit room... but they're mostly pretty easy anyway, because the staff push you hard in the right direction, giving corrections and guidance the instant you seem in danger of confusion.
As a themed experience, it's well executed and the ending is great. But if you're here for the puzzles, you're going to be frustrated. I suppose a horror-themed room sh...
We are blindly led into the abandoned underground prison cells of Bristol's old Crown Courts to play this escape room which is billed as one of the top scare attractions. What will we make of it?

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