Escape In The Towers: Dr Wellington’s Crime & Punishment Lab

By | March 20, 2019

by Escape In The Towers (website)

1 Pound Lane,CT1 2BZ


2-5 players

60 minutes

It's 1994 and you've stumbled across Dr Wellington's abandoned laboratory at the former Canterbury Experimental Electric Company founded in 1883. Dr Wellington based his controversial crime and punishment experiments in the treacherous cells of the former city gaol which has since laid abandoned for 80 years after his sudden and mysterious disappearance. You and your cohorts have just 60 minutes to escape before you are trapped for eternity and in certain mortal danger, sharing the fate of his many victims!
Death is just the final nail in the coffin...
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Kempshott_fox rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Played: 21 Aug 2021 Team size: 4 Time taken: 46 Outcome: Successful escape!
Matt C experienced rated this:Rated between 45 and 45 out of 5
Played: 25/05/2021 Team size: 2 Time taken: 60 mins Outcome: Successful escape!
beautifulcleverimmersivequite difficult😨creepy
Robin Harris & Michael Bailey experienced rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Played: 01/03/2020 Team size: 4 Time taken: 39 minutes and 55 seconds Outcome: Successful escape!
Mike S expert rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Sabrina Dietrich expert rated this:Rated between 45 and 45 out of 5
Played: 14/07/2019 Time taken: 52:50:00 Outcome: Successful escape!
Barry Hammond experienced rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Played: 28/10/2017 Team size: 4 Time taken: 46.29 Outcome: Successful escape!

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Crime & Punishment Lab is built within the Westgate, Canterbury's medieval gatehouse, a local landmark and grade I listed building, among the most spectacularly authentic locations I've seen used for an escape game.
Although the towers date back to the 14th Century, the game is set in Victorian times, drawing on a more recent part of the building's history when the Westgate was used as a gaol. The game uses genuine old cells as well as plenty of historical equipment and curios. In the initial b...
Rooms don't come much more authentic than this one - set in one of the old towers in Canterbury's walls. Great puzzles and GMing led to a very enjoyable experience.
If you manage to secure a location like an 1830s-built former jail in Canterbury, it’s probably tempting to make a straight up prison escape room. It’s to the credit of this game that it instead just takes the cells as a jumping-off point for a sinister story about human experimentation. Rather than be prisoners in the 1800s, you’re explorers in the 1990s rediscovering the abandoned lab of a mad professor, tasked with discovering exactly what he was up to, and of course, avoiding the same fate.
Crime and Punishment Lab felt like an early-generation escape room despite being quite new, but pulled it off with a high standard of theming and a huge stack of puzzles that we found very enjoyable.

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