Inkwell Investigations: Murder History

By | March 20, 2019

by Inkwell Investigations

Mile End

East London

3-8 players

60 minutes

Everyone has secrets. In a time loop, they all have a chance to come out.
​Steep yourself in a web of lies and blackmail as you and your closest friends are cordially invited to open the enigmatic Lord Inkwell's lost time machine. When the machine goes rogue, you must work together to stop it, with only your failed past selves' clues to guide you. But as sordid truths emerge, a darker fact comes to light - one of you is responsible for breaking the machine. With your very futures on the line, will you discover the traitor? Or will your friends discover it was you?
​Murder History is a pop-up escape game with a murder mystery twist. With one of the Inkwell Family as a guide (a live actor), your team of 3-8 friends, companions or rivals (ages 7+!) must work together to escape a doomed time loop while also using Cluedo-like sleuthing to discover which team member is responsible for the whole fiasco! A portable game, it can be played both outdoors and in, or even taken to offices or events.
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There are very few escape games that are played outdoor, and I always seem to end up playing them in the wrong season. For Murder History, it was a bruisingly cold February morning, though one with dry and pleasant weather. I should note also that Murder History is only sometimes an outdoor game, and can also be run in an indoor location.
As the name reflects, this game's premise is a blend of time travel and murder mystery. Your future selves have been marooned two thousand years in the past b...
A well structured game with some fun puzzles and plenty of theatre. Think of it as a boutique puzzle-themed immersive murder mystery experience.

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