mostly harmless…: Lifeboat

By | March 20, 2019

by Mostly Harmless (website)

South London

1-8 players

30 mins

Overall rating

Rated between 25 and 35 out of 5

based on 3 pro reviews

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Each winter the tunnels under Waterloo station host the VAULT festival with a huge array of fringe and alternative events, sometimes including shows that edge from immersive theatre to game experiences. This year one of the events is a 30 minute escape room called Lifeboat, set on a failing spacecraft - a prison ship, in fact, in which you are inmates. Your goal is to escape from your cells into the escape pod before the last oxygen reserves run out.
This game uses a public ticketing system wit...
I enjoyed this game with its fun puzzles and sense of urgency. Yes, it was cramped; and yes, some of the props weren't perfect; but there was much to enjoy. The big disappointment was the lack of finale with the game just fizzling out.

One lifeboat, two teams. Did we manage to escape this game at VAULT Festival or were we left behind to die on the derelict prison ship?

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