Locked: Kubus

By | March 20, 2019

by Locked (website)


150 mins
In this escape game for advanced players you’re locked for 2h30 with exactly 4 people, an unforgettable adventure. You are locked inside of a 3d puzzle which you have to solve from the inside. A maze inside a cube. Get the machinery into motion. Four people constantly unlocking one another.
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Two deeply-flawed games from a puzzle perspective but still utterly amazing and worth a significant detour. Kubus is worth a very big detour in order to experience - it's hard to convey just how amazing a concept it is.
Like Locked’s sister game Labyrint, Kubus is as much art project as escape room. Art is supposed to be challenging, and it’s certainly a challenge to review - what this venue builds is so very unique it can’t really be measured by the criteria I’d apply to other games.
For a start, Kubus is 2.5 hours long. My impression is that the deadline is intended to give teams plenty of time, and you may find yourself finishing well before the time limit. Instead of a nail-biting rush to the end, the emph...

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