Escaped: Zygote

By | May 15, 2019

by Escaped (website)

Ethnarchou Makariou 28, Peristeri, TK 12132


3-6 players

100 mins
"They named it Zygote because of its morphology. It was discovered at the metro expansion works in 2007. The research stopped suddenly after strange workers behavior, while the underground tunnel was sealed forever! The news was buried by the media along with the secret of Zygote. Rumor has it that it's cores are still active..." -Dr. Henry Foster, 2014
2021: A team of scientists sets up "Zygote1", a secret research center, in the hope that the ship's cores will be recovered and used as a source of energy, but things are not going well ... Can you help? Fill in the form below to participate in an exploration mission!
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When researching games for our weekend in Athens, several people mentioned Escaped in general and Zygote in particular, as an impressive and challenging game. Athens has plenty of long games, and at 100 minutes Zygote is substantial even by local standards. The name has nothing to do with the biology of human reproduction (!); instead, you're in a section of disused metro track sealed off after the discovery of an alien craft.
First off: Zygote is utterly spectacular. Plenty of games look highl...
Der Raum, der eine verlassene Metrostation darstellt, ist wirklich sehr groß und eigentlich für eine Mindestanzahl von 3 Spielern konzipiert. Wir durften ihn jedoch zu zweit spielen. In der Passage, wo uns eine Person fehlte, hat uns der Actor freundlicherweise zur Seite gestanden.

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