Escape Reality Manchester: Auron

By | July 29, 2019

by Escape Reality Manchester (website)

The Printworks, Withy Grove, M4 2BS


2-3 players

60 minutes

2 copies

It is 2035 and you are taking part in a space mission exploring Mars. An unexpected dust storm threatens the whole expedition. During the evacuation from the planet, you and some of your crew got lost and the mission commander believes you’re dead, so has made the hard decision to leave the planet without you…
This room can be played in parallel with an identical one, so two teams can compete against
each other. For this reason, every time players solve a puzzle and open a box, a light in the other room turns on. This gives feedback to each team of the level their competitors have reached in the puzzle solving process. The missions can all be solved at the same time.
Challenge your friends and race against time to see who escapes first in this unique “Challenge Escape Room”, by booking both Auron (Portal 1) and Auron (Portal 2) at the same time. Or book one room, for a chance to challenge strangers!
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