Houdini’s Escape Room Experience Birmingham: Escape From Titanic

By | November 30, 2019

by Houdini's Escape Room Experience Birmingham (website)

Tenpin, Starcity, Watson Rd, B7 5SB


4-7 players

60 minutes

You are first class passengers aboard the maiden voyage of White Star Lines newest vessel, The R.M.S Titanic, just 3 days into your journey to New York.....
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Player reviews

abooth expert rated this:Rated between 20 and 20 out of 5
Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!
Team Tonks experienced rated this:Rated between 45 and 45 out of 5
Played: 15 May 2022 Team size: 2 Time taken: 41.45 Outcome: Successful escape!
originalstory-drivenmagicalquite difficult

Titanic was an original theme which is something we value in a room. Great use of space without feeling either empty or crammed. All of the puzzles were relevent to the story and did not feel shoehorned in and provided a decent level of challenge for an experienced team.

d.green26 expert rated this:Rated between 20 and 20 out of 5
Played: 21 May 2023 Team size: 4 Time taken: 48 Outcome: Successful escape!
illogicalpoor hostingunoriginal

Some basic puzzles with not a lot of thought along with too much searching and illogical puzzle solving made a room that had great promise and a good overall look very disappointing. I noticed the Southampton version of the game is 90 minutes so may be bigger and better but we visited Birmingham. The hosting was also not great as it felt they were trying to push us through as quickly as possible and even giving a clue when I had asked not to. Most of the clues were just telling us where to find something or what to do rather than a gentle push in the right direction. 

Lisa Cregg rated this:Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5
Played: 28/10/20 Team size: 4 Time taken: 55minutes Outcome: Successful escape!
Brit Of An Escape Habit blogger rated this:Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5

A well-decorated room that created good immersion, with a good variety of puzzles that felt intrinsic and natural.

Arjay Henshall expert rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Played: 27/09/2020 Team size: 2 Time taken: 65 Outcome: Successful escape!

Great room. 

Good theming and puzzles on point. There’s a lot to do and get you started in this room, but the great thing is that they take the time to explain some of the puzzles at the end which are all relevant to the actual story of the real titanic. They have used this escape room as an educational piece and it’s done brilliantly. 

It’s certainly a room not to be missed and I would explore everyone to pop along and give it ago 

Alice Lucy rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!
Steph Norchi experienced rated this:Rated between 25 and 25 out of 5
Played: 21 Dec 2023 Team size: 4 Time taken: 59:00 Outcome: Successful escape!
illogicalbroken techpoor hosting

Let me start by saying that this wasn't even the room we were supposed to be doing. We had booked Hexmore, and on arrival we were told that Hexmore was so broken that he didn't want us doing it and he asked if we were happy to do Titanic instead. So I was already annoyed that they didn't contact me in advance and ask us to change (what would they have done if we had already done Titanic before?) we were taking some friends for their first ever escape room and wanted something easy for them. It's a good job we were experienced enough to help them through it; because this room was a mess! 

The GM was completely unenthusiastic and unhelpful. He led us to the room where we were given no briefing whatsoever. No health and safety, no 'these are the sort of locks you might find', nothing. Just told us that because of the mixup he would give us 90 minutes and sent us in. There is a lot of GM intervention in this room so if you get an uninterested GM like we did then this room is not going to be as enjoyable. 

HERE IS YOUR SPOILER WARNING! The rest of this review does contain some spoilers.

The first area was in my opinion the best room, theming was great and there seemed to be lots of puzzles for everyone to solve. However... on inspection, the puzzles were badly damaged. Clues were stuck to elements using stickers, half of which were missing and you could just about see where they had tried to carve the missing clues back onto the objects, but it was very hard to see and very clearly not intentional - just broken. Here's the one that got me the most agitated -  the numbers for one of the clues had been stuck on/scrawled in the wrong order! So the solution was spelled wrong, very confusing. But it wasn't just the clues that were broken, one of the key puzzle elements that we collected instantly fell apart in our hands so we had to keep putting it back together until we found out where it needed to go.

There are also a lot of red herrings throughout this room which may well have just been old broken puzzles that they didn't bother to fix.

Moving on to the next area involved some crawling (there was no prior warning on booking that there would be any physical activity). However, we quite liked it and it fit with the theme. 

The next area had such potential, this was the room where they could have absolutely gone to town on the theming but it was quite the opposite. Very minimal and very cheap. They had large black panels on the wall in place of windows. They could have at least put some artwork there that made it look like you were looking out of a window, not just solid black panels. What few elements there were in here were just more red herrings and we were so convinced they should be puzzles that the GM just used the microphone to tell us exactly where to find a hidden clue (which we hadn't asked for and was so direct it was very aggravating).

In the next area were were then tasked with the typical morse code puzzle, but the GM didn't even let me finish putting in all of the information before he activated the next step, so it was rather pointless. 

To end it all off, the finale was rather weak. The premise was cool but the budget fir theming must have run out as they seemed to give up on it. This section of the game was aimed at 4 players so may have been tricky with less, especially as the elements didn't stay put without you holding them. The game then just sort of finished and we were left wondering if we were meant to just press the switch to exit or wait for the GM to eventually turn up and let us out. 

Overall, I was left very disappointed by a game that I had heard good things about. The room seems dated, it's broken, it's rather illogical in its puzzles and red herrings at times and the GM was a let down. The whole location (not just Titanic) seemed very unprofessional and in need of some serious work. The newcomers enjoyed it, but as enthusiasts were would definitely not recommend it.  

Siân O'Brien experienced rated this:Rated between 20 and 20 out of 5
Played: 4 Apr 2023 Team size: 4 Time taken: 55:24 Outcome: Successful escape!
beautifulstory-drivenpoor hostingquite difficult

The GM got my back up from the start, and the experience left me feeling deflated and underwhelmed.

Firstly, make sure you're at least 15 minutes early!! We didn't realise this, and was then informed our time would be docked for time spent filling in the monstrous 'paper work' for the whole team. 

Once we'd all provided our apparently inoptionable names, phone numbers, DOBs, e-mails and signed waivers for all 4 team members, taking turns on their one tablet, we finally got to the room. 

The room is beautiful and really fits in well with the team. I thought their website had said this room could do up to 7 people, but I wouldn't have wanted any more than the 4 of us in that tight a space. Then, later on, we found one of the tasks would be difficult to do with less than 4 people! So 4 is perfect.

The puzzles were in keeping with the theme, which is a really big plus, but it's probably the only positive I have. The room is ultimately flawed, as it requires intervention by the GM, who is busy on the desk and answering calls.

Effectively, the room has become run down and I think they've made changes to the room, so there's 'red herrings' left behind by previous iterations. They may simply be red herrings, but it really felt like there were things in the room that were intended to be part of the game. I mean literally... there were padlocks left unlocked! Does that sound right to you?

Here's a Spoiler Warning before you continue reading this review!! I'll try not to go into too much detail, but... it's hard.

There were 2 aspects of this game that I really struggled with; I didn't realise it was going to be so physical. Our mom wasn't too pleased! And I'm recovering from surgery. Going through a tunnel is one thing. Going through it multiple times and doing puzzles in the tunnel was a pain. 

I thought it was great, being a mission on a ship, that we had to use maps and a compass, but they should have provided a unit of measure for the map. Usually, there would be a piece of string or a ruler or something. Parts of the game were physically broken, so the GM had to intervene. And one task in particular had us all frustrated;  communicating and performing Semaphore. It's a great idea - I'm not irritated by the concept - but 14 letters later I was getting annoyed. At that point, you've worked out the puzzle, you've figured out the task... so now you're just watching the time tick away as you perform Semaphore, over and over, waiting for the thumbs up or thumbs down from the GM - taking us back to what I was saying before - any game that requires GM intervention, where the GM is not dedicated to your game, is flawed. 

And I say watch the time tick by, but actually, they haven't included a clock! I found this very frustrating to not be able to gauge our time.

Worst still, there was no end to the game. I don't know what the ending used to be, or is supposed to be, but it didn't happen for us today. We made it into the final room. We had collected the necessary. We're positioning them into place to perform the big team finale sequence - it was set up to have a great ending! Then the GM walks in and congratulated us on winning the game. ... But we didn't finish the game? I don't know what we were supposed to do or achieve in that final room, but it didn't happen. He then apologised for having the booking times wrong, so there was no need to dock our minutes for being late! It turns out the next team aren't due for another half hour - which we could have told him because we know his schedule from the website. So for all the stress and fallout at the start of the game, it was all for nothing in the end.

To be honest, by the time we'd entered the room, having filled in all that paperwork and being told our time would be docked, I wanted to tell him to stuff his room and walk out, but we'd already paid and it had taken us an hour to travel there. 

In the end, it was a pretty bitter experience and I don't think they'll be winning any awards for customer service. I can't even name the GM, because when we asked for his name, he just said "call me Captain." Yes, funny, because we're on the Titanic... but now I don't even know who I'm moaning about. All in all, not an impressive or enjoyable experience.

🔐SpontaneousIllusion expert rated this:Rated between 15 and 15 out of 5
Team size: 2 Outcome: Failed 🙁
illogicalbroken techpoor hosting
Props broken, gameplay nonsensical. Really expensive to enter a room that's broken.
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‘Immersive’ is a worrying term for a game based on the sinking of the Titanic, but fortunately they don’t take things as far as plunging players into the icy waters of the Atlantic. Instead, this game places the players in an upper class berth on the doomed ship, just as it begins to sink.

Houdini Escape excel at providing a good experience before and after the game, starting from the atmospheric lobby and the mini-cinema used for game briefings. I particularly admired the way they use a simple...

A good intro and cool transition into the game. A beautifully themed space, with a sense of exploration across the ship and attention to detail that really helps with immersion. Solid puzzles and good theatre throughout the game. Titanic is probably the most impressive of the games in Southampton and well worth a trip if you're in the area.
We loved the attention to detail in both the game, and the waiting area. The room itself had touches that were historically accurate, and the reception had a poster of the Titanic that was signed by the youngest survivor of the disaster.

Let’s talk about climaxes. The one thing all good games shouldn’t do these days is to leave you unsure whether you have actually completed it. It definitely shouldn’t be dependent on the GM walking in and telling you. 

As it turns out, the room has a lot going for it. It sprawls over several rooms (well, "cabins"), it looks fairly realistic (except for lack of motion, I guess) and proposes a few tasks I had never performed before (something I always appreciate after playing so many rooms). There are many references to real-life details in the puzzles, to the point where Titanic experts would probably be able to circumvent a puzzle or two. Yet, having said all that...

I had never heard of Houdini Escape rooms before, so when it was suggested that we do one of their rooms, I was unsure what to expect but was up for the challenge. They have multiple locations around the country and with Southampton closest we headed there and it seemed only apt to do the Titanic room. When we arrived we were greeted by the nicest host/games master who i'm so sorry but I don't remember his name. He is an absolute credit to the Houdini team. His passion and enthusiasm for his job was clear to see and he really made the whole experience, from checking in to escaping that much more fun and entertaining.

Houdinis Escape Onslow Road Southampton: Titanic

November 2022


This was Second visit to Houdini’s in Southampton after visiting the their Tenpin location earlier in the day taking on Extinct. We had booked in at their Onslow Road location for what is arguably the best rated escape room in the country, Titanic. This was our first 90 minute room. There is a car park nearby where you then have a 2 minute walk to the location so not too bad at all. The reception area is decorated as you would expect for an old immersive experience but it is not as grand as the Tenpin location. You are given an iPad to complete your information details and sign waivers. We were taken to an old cinema style room with popcorn machine and cinema screen ready to show us our brief. 

Room impression

The room is up to 7 people, however, we would not recommend going with a group of that size. Some of the areas in the game are quite tight and as a team of 4 we did struggle a little bit in some parts. The set of the game is as you would expect, fully immersive and completely in keeping with what task we were taking on. We would say that some of the props and games in the room were starting to look a little tired and were not as impressive as Extinct that we had done earlier in the day. In saying that, they had done a brilliant job in creating an immersive experience that we did all enjoy. 


At the beginning of the game we found it quite easy to split up and tackle a few games on our own but as the experience went on, the games did become linear. As previously mentioned, some spaces were quite tight and this left some of our team stood watching whilst others were attempting the solve some puzzles. This put a little dampener on the experience for us and with much bigger teams, we can imagine this being quite a big issue. There were a lot of hide and seek games during the experience and at the beginning a few padlocks were to be found but on the whole, the puzzles were varied and fun throughout. It did take us a while to work out that when we did get a puzzle right, a ship’s bell would ring. We’ve not experienced this before and it was a nice touch to add to the immersive experience. 

Game Master Clues

We can’t remember asking for any help during Titanic. Our games master did keep a watchful eye on us and if we steered slightly off track then a foghorn would sound which let us know we needed to have a little re-think. We were told that if we needed a clue all we had to do was ask and she would have came over on the speaker system. 

Round Up

We had high expectations of this room and to the large part it did not disappoint. A lot of effort has gone into making one of biggest tragedies in human history a tasteful experience. You could see that game was starting to look a little tired on some of the puzzles that will probably need addressing at some point but it kind of added to the history of it all. This game is a must when visiting Houdini’s Southampton.

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