Pete Ingleby: Escape! The Mystery of the Music Shop

By | January 18, 2020

by Pete Ingleby (website)

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Will you manage to unscramble the puzzles and solve the mystery? You are a detective tasked with investigating a crime at a music shop. Plenty of clues are in the shop somewhere; the challenge is finding them. Grapple with puzzles to reveal secrets, piece together the story and collect incriminating evidence in your mission to solve The Mystery of the Music Shop.Escape! The Mystery of the Music Shop is an escape book, inspired by the current international popularity of escape rooms. As you read the story you will be presented with puzzles that must be solved in order to continue.
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Written by a Bournemouth-based author who kindly sent me a copy to try, Music Shop is a slim and I believe entirely self-published book with a series of ten puzzles linked by narrative. The story is that you're a detective investigating a murder in a music shop, and is there to set the scene for the puzzles - don't expect any dramatic twists.
Most of the books in the new 'escape room' genre use some kind of online verification system, but Music Shop is entirely self-contained, which makes it we...

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