Dom Zagadek: Poza Światem

By | January 30, 2020

by Dom Zagadek (website)

Zwrotnicza 6, 01-219


2-6 players

60 minutes

According to many reports, air transport is the safest way to travel. Statistically, only a small fraction of people will be unlucky to experience a catastrophe. Unfortunately … you are these people. For many days you have drifted in the ocean on a raft, fortunately the water took you to the beach of a paradise island.
You are now on a golden beach, but in order to survive, you must go deep into the island, check it and find a place of refuge and food. Unfortunately strange things are happening on the island …
Do you think that while waiting for the rescue, you can have a nice holiday on a tropical island? If you have watched „Lost” or „Cast Away – Beyond the World” then you guess what is waiting for you 🙂
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A top quality selection of rooms. The weakest room was still plenty of fun while the other two were some of the best we played over the weekend in Warsaw.

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