Exit The Room Linz: Prison

Exit The Room Linz: Prison

By | February 1, 2020

by Exit The Room Linz (website)

Klammstraße 3, 4020


2-6 players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

You are completely innocent but somehow ended up in the prison of Alcaban. Nobody tells you why you're here and what they are going to do with you. Lucky as you are, you ended up in the cell of the only prisoner that had managed to escape. Can you find any clues that could tell you how he managed to escape? But hurry, the guard will only be gone for an hour and you don't want to get caught!
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Exit The Room Linz is the second of the two Escape Room Companies we have in our home town Linz, Austria. The first one we have already reviewed (Check out our Review of Masters of Escape in Linz >>), now it is time to share the experiences we had in Exit The Room Linz. They just opened […]
A jovial host probably made this game a bit better than it could have been, but a few tweaks are needed to the game to make it translate well into a well-rounded online experience
Etant en manque d'escape avant le réveillon du nouvel an, nous nous sommes dit allez et si on se faisait emprisonner une dernière fois cette année. Je ne vous cache pas que ce fut une erreur. Lorsque nous sommes arrivés, enthousiastes, impatients, limite euphoriques, la personne que nous avons trouvée derrière le comptoir d’accueil et qui sera notre futur MJ nous a tout de suite fait redescendre de notre nuage. Un bonjour qu’il a fallu...

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