Xcape Room BCN: Corpse Gallery

By | June 4, 2020

by Xcape Room BCN (website)

Carrer Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 258, 08041


3-6 players

Team of 4: £50.00 €56.00
Team of 6: £75.00 €84.00

remote play
In 1985 in Barcelona, several murders spread fear among the population. They all have something in common: the victims always missed a part of their body. The murderer has never been found and the case has been abandoned. Recently, some workers discovered a room in a place full of strange works of art. The Police have sent a group of experts to investigate…
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Wei-Hwa Huang expert says:

Probably an okay room in real life, but it is almost amazing how many puzzles do not adapt well to avatar play.  The avatar moves the camera around frustratingly slow, the field of view of the camera is annoyingly narrow.  Sometimes it feels like the avatar player is following pre-planned scripts rather than actually obeying your commands, which is sort of okay given that the puzzle sequence is very linear.  There's a handful of text to read, but the video camera doesn't have the resolution to make it readable, so the avatar then has to read things out to you.  Plenty of secret triggers and openings that you can only watch, a bunch of signs where the avatar lingers on them just long enough that it feels like you're wasting time and just short enough that you don't actually have time to write it down.

As it is new, the owner seems receptive to want to fix a lot of these issues, so I'll set this to "no rating" for a while.  

P.S. The owner actually gave a us a full refund!  I guess this places our experience in the category of a "beta test" or like?  Shrug.

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