Sneaky Dog Escapes: The Pegasus Project

By | July 4, 2020

by Sneaky Dog Escapes (website)

40 Victoria Road, SO19 9DX

1+ players


120 mins
Spidertech. A shadowy organistion hiding behind a front of a reputable bio research company.
All is not well. They have plans. Big, dangerous plans.
We are W.I.S.E and we are working to destabilise Spidertech and prevent them bringing their evil machinations to fruition.
Our top man inside, Agent Spike, has gone dark. 3 scientists have suddenly died. We fear the worst.
As our top team of agents, we need you to get in there and find out what's going on. You'll have help, but it's up to you to save us all.
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This game combines a digital portal with a 3D floor plan to make you feel closer to the real world in the comfort of your home. Although it didn't have a strong puzzle component, it did give us the detective vibe. We also liked that we didn't have to go outside of the game portal for additional information. Adding an inventory basket would definitely make the game much easier to follow and improve the game flow. If you like "search and find" type of game while piecing together evidences in order to find the truth behind a mystery, then this might be the game for you!

The Pegasus Project is a prequel to Operation Mindfall. If you’ve played it’s outdoor counterpart, running around with your briefcase and an iPad, then you’ll know the drill! Spies, an evil corporation, mind control, and YOU! A brilliant team of secret agents.

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