One Way Out: Robot’s Return

By | July 4, 2020

by One Way Out (website)

ROL House, Long Row, LE156LN


60 minutes

Aunt Daisy was an engineer ahead of her time. Almost a hundred years ago she built an adorable little robot out of pipes, springs and boxes. He could even talk! Lest he should fall into the wrong hands, she dismantled him and sent him off to visit her friends around the globe.
She locked the blueprints for his construction in her father’s old deed box and secured the key with layers of puzzles and codes, which could never be solved until the robot returned.
At last, having been in lost luggage for almost a century, he has come home.
Can you unlock the secrets of Daisy’s kitchen, open the chest and revive the robot to find those elusive blueprints?
The clock is ticking...
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