Scarlet Envelope: Distress Call from Outer Space

By | July 4, 2020

by Scarlet Envelope (website)

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The year is 2220, a century into human colonization of Mars. Times are different but Humans remain the same: two planets are in constant political conflict. Unexpectedly, your space ship picks up a distress call from a Martian spy. The spy has discovered the secret that could stop the upcoming war! Now, encrypted Martian files are in your hands, together with the future of Earth and Mars.
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It's been awhile since we've played a game from Scarlet Envelope and we definitely saw a lot of improvements in their quality. The professional voice actor's narration at the end felt movie-like. We love the uniqueness to the storyline as this is the first ever outer space conspiracy story we've ever played in tabletop game. We really look forward to the next episodes, especially one the coming up! Detective and serial killer is right up my alley!

So far, this is my favourite Scarlet Envelope experience for sure, but what I love most about is how intuitive it feels. First, you log into your work portal – after solving a quick puzzle to remember your password, of course! From here you intercept the distress call and the game takes a very non-linear format. From here, you can ‘solve’ anything in any order to reach the end goal.

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Scarlet Envelope continues to deliver excellent storytelling with this installment. The augmented reality nature of the game provides a lot of space for subtle world-building, which it delivered in spades.

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