Enigma Emporium: Migratory Patterns

By | July 4, 2020

by Enigma Emporium (website)

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The present becomes the past. Fact becomes legend. And artifacts become myth. Throughout the ages countless works of immesurable beauty and history have been lost to the ravages of time, their memory turned into nothing more than whispers of something that probably never existed... ...or did it? Now, an Institutes researcher has tracked down some of these artifacts, scattered around the world in dusty, forgotten corners just waiting to be discovered and shown to the world. But The Institutes arenโ€™t the only ones looking for these treasures, and the othersโ€™ intentions arenโ€™t nearly so altruistic. So hurry and decipher the incoming data so field agents can be dispatched to retrieve the artifacts before itโ€™s too late!
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I really like Enigma Emporium. From the moment that they entered the scene, I found myself taken by the amount of content that they crammed into a few postcards. Iโ€™ve also truly respected their sustainable business model. I think what they do makes sense.

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