Puzzalogical Escape Rooms: Prison Break

By | July 31, 2020

by Puzzalogical Escape Rooms (website)

Easthampstead House, Town Square, RG12 1BH


2-6 players

Languages: EN

60 minutes

Wheelchair suitable - contact the venue for details
It’s only been a few months, but already it feels like years incarcerated at HMP Bracknell.
There’s no way you can spend 10 years here, punished for a crime you didn’t commit!
Conspiring with your closest friends and armed with nothing more than your wits, you all need to outsmart the guards and escape to freedom in a perilous – but DARING – Prison Break!
The clock’s ticking and the stakes are high in this fast-paced bid for salvation!
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Player reviews

Richard Sinden rated this:Rated between 20 and 20 out of 5
Played: 21 Apr 2022 Team size: 4 Time taken: 50:48 Outcome: Successful escape!

I liked the set design and atmosphere and the starting setup is fairly novel. However, we had to have quite a few hints in this room because for a lot of the puzzles it's not obvious why you would do the things you're supposed to do. I've played a lot of escape rooms and when you get a hint it's normally an "oh yeah" moment, but this was more of a "why would I have even tried that?". Even afterwards the gamemaster didn't seem to be able to explain to us why we should've realised what we were supposed to do for the final puzzle. It's a shame because it's obvious that a lot of effort has gone into building the room, but it's let down by the nonsensical puzzles.

TeamHawley experienced rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Outcome: Successful escape!

Brilliant, just brilliant. So clever and a must play.

Kelly Archer experienced rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Team size: 4 Outcome: Successful escape!
cleverimmersivegreat hosting

We loved this room so much!

It's your standard prison break story but the way it is built (two jail cells, and the setting is so good it was in the film Cruella!) and the way the puzzles are done are really clever. Your team is split into two separate cells and you have to work together to solve puzzles, even though you can't see each other for a large chunk of the game. Everything flowed well and was fun AND logical.

It really made us think, sometimes stretch, even a little bit of climbing. The GM was mega enthusiastic and the owner was really chatty too, telling us about the next room that is due to be finished August 21 (or possibly September).

It's in an unassuming basement in the centre of Bracknell, so it's easy to get to.

I don't want to give too much away. 

We're looking forward to going to back to play Secret of the Vault and the new Pharoah's Mystery when it opens. 

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The experience really puts you in the centre of the action, with the group split apart into two separate cells right from the start. This works perfectly with the storyline of having to break out before the guards return. It further adds to the story learning about the other inmates and utilising them to escape. The themeing in the escape room is of a decent quality, and the fact it’s located on the ground floor / basement adds to the authentic feel.

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