Virtual Escape Games: Rec: Escape The 80s Workout Video

By | July 31, 2020

by Virtual Escape Games (website)

4-16 players

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๐ŸŽงactor / audio
Simon Richards was the most prominent star of the 80โ€™s. He quickly rose to fame with his at-home workout videos until he mysteriously vanished on New Years Eve in 1989. That day, he was recording his newest film titled โ€œRECโ€ before witnesses claim to have seen him vanish in thin air. 30 years later, and Simonโ€™s disappearance remains a mysteryโ€” until today. Equipped with the only copy of โ€œRECโ€ in existence, your team must immerse themselves in the world of an 80โ€™s workout video to uncover the hidden secrets of the film and uncover the truth behind Simonโ€™s disappearance. Does your team have what it takes, or will you be stuck in the 80โ€™s forever?
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