Escape2win: Madame Butterfly

By | August 7, 2020

by Escape2win (website)

Rua Ernesto da Silva 54 Loja A, Oeiras

Up to 5 players

Β£52.00 €60.00

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Something strange is being reported at escape hotel. Guests are complaining, in particular of the dinning room, where they can never have a peaceful meal.
The owner decided to call Madame Butterfly, a medium. He doesn’t believe in these kind of things and yet, employers say he refuses to enter the room.
Madame Butterfly just arrived. And she’s not happy about what she feels. She needs help, good vibes. But no one in the hotel wants to be apart in this...
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If you want something not too difficult in terms of puzzles and something spooky in terms of ambience, then you might want to be a guest at this haunted dinner.

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