Mission Escape Games: Such Pretty Forks In The Road

By | August 7, 2020

by Mission Escape Games (website)

400 Disney Way, Ste 313, CA 92802


1-5 players

15 mins
Alanis is all set to release her new album! However, nothing can happen without the mysterious pretty fork! The studio has misplaced the fork for safekeeping. Can you help our studio engineer find the prettiest fork in the room in time for the album release?
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“I…. want… you… to know…” that I enjoyed this promotional escape room very much. “Thank you… THANK YOU” Alanis Morissette for giving us fans with a Venn diagram that overlaps all of your music, along with an unhealthy escape room addiction, the perfect mixture of those two things! Though IRONICally, the room was very short (this is the joke, people. It isn’t actually an example of irony. REAL FANS DON’T CARE), it was a satisfying little romp through Alanis’ musical career, nonetheless.

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